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About Ekitai Media

We serve clients across boundaries. With over 170+ completed projects, with 60+ clients, we keep on pushing the boundaries further.


We are a Media & digital company with the intent of providing 360 degree Media (Audio/Video, Production/Post-Production & Language) and Digital services and solutions on a single platform.


We align ourselves with your business needs and provide the deliverables meeting your expectations. We develop a relationship with our esteemed clients and strive hard to maintain the bond.


Honesty, transparency, and integrity are our core beliefs, and we appreciate the fact that each of our projects deserves our time and attention equally, irrespective of the magnitude of the project.

About Ekitai Media


We are an energetic mix of motley mavericks that would spin and weave a 360-degree Marcom magic for your business. Our offerings and services help crease out your marketing and communication shortcomings and will turn around your business profitably.

Irrespective of magnitude and nature of an idea, we NURTURE it.

Ekitai Media is an adrenaline pump station, armed with media and digital fanatics, creative storytellers, designer and creators who work round the clock, creating the best solution set for your business needs. We provide audio, video, digital, language and graphics solutions to our entrusted clients across the globe. With a clear understanding of business and market trends, we ensure your business stays on the top.

With a complete 360-degree approach, we ensure that no side of the pie is either undercooked or overcooked for the discerning palate. Tailor-made and crafted for each client, our offerings are some of the most sought-after in the industry today. From Real Estate to Hospitality, Automotive to Airspace, we have worked with companies across the business strata and today have a humble client list.

From thinking to enabling – We help large corporations innovate like startups & small setups scale up like industry leaders.

Since our inception, it has been a journey of transformation and metamorphosis! We work relentlessly to create remarkable results for our clients. We have seen the myriad changes in the world of design, digital, advertising and communication. From styles to periods to cultures, we have continuously adapted to changes.

We love coffee & we love meeting new challenges. Call us today or schedule a meeting now to see how our set of targeted services can help your business reach new potential customers and markets.